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Georgia Pecans

Pecans begin dropping from the trees in mid to late October. By the first of November shelled new crop pecans are available. We are delighted to be able to offer these to our customers in the form of natural pecan halves, roasted with salt, praline crunch, cinnamon spiced and chocolate covered. We package these in pound bags, and tins made of metal or acrylic. We have the ability to ship our pecans and jar products also.

In-shell pecans

In-Shell Pecans

Fresh Georgia pecans available in 3-, 5-, and 10-pound bags


Pecan Mammoth Halves

Georgia Natural Pecan Mammoth Halves & Small Baking Pieces

Large, natural pecan halves.


Small pieces, ideal for baking:


Elliott natural pecan halves

Elliot Natural Pecan Halves

Elliot halves are small and plump with very high oil content and one of the best flavored pecans. More individual halves per pound because they are smaller.


Roasted and salted pecans

Roasted & Salted, Cinnamon Spiced, Praline Crunch, Chocolate Covered

Roasted & Salted pecans have been roasted and salted for a delightful treat:


Cinnamon Spiced pecans have been roasted with cinnamon spices making for a wonderfully flavored pecan:


Praline Crunch pecans have a crunchy, sweet coating to toasted pecans:


Chocolate covered pecans are available only during cool months. Please call us for information.

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